With emergency research and surveillance still ongoing, no drug has yet been approved for the novel coronavirus.  Many pharmacists together with other scientists are still doing their best to give a lasting solution in terms of treatment.

The prevailing conditions with restricted movements and lock downs has been taking a toil on many people. Whilst it is prudent, many heads of states have been left in qualms as to what to do. The superpower, USA as seen with their president clearly wants to open up the country despite the prevailing and dangerous conditions.

Economies declining and job losses on the rise , African states are also on the fence. But for countries like Kenya where a majority are poor, the lock-down is just the worst thing to ever happen.

My only solution to the state is that if Covid-19 persists and we have to open up the country is that the government should employ all the medics available most of whom are unemployed. The medics who will be stationed all over the country,in all institutions, markets will keep an acute and accurate surveillance on the population. With this i believe Covid-19 will be controlled effectively as the country is open up.

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