It can also be termed as spider veins. This normally is caused by a problem in the blood flow in the veins of the legs. The flow of blood deviates from the normal path and thus flows in reverse direction and fluid accumulates causing a congested leg.

It may be noticed by slight swelling then proceeds to discolouration, inflammatory dermatitis, ulceration and severe cases may lead to the loss of a limb.

In pregnant women it is mostly caused by hormonal changes that make the veins walls and valves more pliable. The veins are more distended and the valves become soft. This can or cannot resolve after the pregnancy in different cases.

The common  chronic symptoms include skin changes especially in colour, leg tiredness,burning sensations, restless legs, night cramps, edema.

Varicose veins can be managed in a good healthcare setting, but it is important also for a definitive test first.