Antimicrobial  drugs are the most abused medicinal drugs in the planet at the moment. The abuse of antibacterial drugs has been estimated to be at  causing resistance of about 2.9 million US citizens in 2019 alone.

Antimicrobial drugs are normally active against bacteria, viruses, fungi and even protozoa.

It is not correct for patients to self-prescribe antimicrobials as is the norm nowadays. This is because there are so many principles and factors to be considered when selecting the correct antimicrobial drug. This is what has led to antimicrobial resistance which is now a rather bigger obstacle in the aspect of pharmacotherapeutics.

A qualified pharmacist is the only person who can recommend you the best antimicrobial, just describe your symptoms and with either a full laboratory workup or empirical treatment, the correct dose of the correct drug will be given to you.

Some of the principles factored in selection of the correct antimicrobial include;

  • The class and spectrum of microorganism to be killed.

Microorganisms can be aerobic or anaerobic, they can be double stranded , single stranded DNA or RNA ,naked or enveloped, broad spectrum or narrow spectrum etc.

  • The biochemical pathway it interferes with

e.g  bactericidal, bacteriostatic, folic acid synthesis pathway etc.

  • The chemical structure of its pharmacophore.

This also includes the drugs’ structure activity relationship.

These are only some of the factors to be considered. Others include factors for the correct dose, factors for the correct age and genetics etc.

It is therefore important to consult your pharmacist before you decide to buy any medicine as they are the only ones equipped with this knowledge and are also the lead drug and medicine makers.